Riverina Equine Vet



Preventative Health

Annual health checks

All horses require an annual health check to enable early detection of subtle health and soundness issues. Preventative and early management of health conditions provides greater well-being for your horse, improved treatment outcomes, and reduced treatment expenses in the long run. 

An annual health check should incorporate a veterinary dental examination along with necessary vaccinations. This is also a great opportunity to discuss parasite management and nutritional advice. 

Equine dentistry

An annual dental examination will aid in early recognition and prevention of dental problems, which enables a better outcome for the horse and owner. 


We strongly encourage that all horses to be vaccinated against Tetanus, Strangles and Hendra Virus. An initial vaccination course is followed by regular boosters, which are essential for ongoing protection.


Horses can be affected by a range of internal and external parasites. There are a lot of different (and outdated) practices and theories about how to de-worm your horse. We can assist with developing a drenching program tailored to your horses and property. 

Nutritional advice

Nutritional requirements vary for different classes of horses (performance, youngstock, broodmares, geriatric). We can assist in providing you with sound nutritional advice and recommendations specific to your horse.