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Equine Dentistry

Dental disease is painful and often goes undiagnosed by unskilled technicians. It can reduce your horse’s performance and can be a common reason your horse may fail in training. Proper dental maintenance is essential to allow your horse to preform to the best of its ability.

Dental health care can:

  • Prevent premature tooth loss
  • Improve feed utilisation
  • Reduce the incidence of impaction and gas colic
  • Alleviate mouth and jaw pain
  • Prevent pain due to the use of a bit, making it easier for your horse to be trained
  • Extend the life expectancy of your horse

A thorough routine dental examination will involve the assessment of the teeth and surrounding soft tissue structures. This involves the use of a full mouth gag, a light source, a mirror and sedation. Sedation relaxes the muscles of the jaw enabling access to the teeth right at the back of the mouth. Dental procedures are performed with both motorised (PowerFloat) and non-motorised equipment in our secure and safe mobile horse crush

We recommend a dental health examination every 6 months for horses under 6YO and every 12 months for older horses. Some horses with abnormalities may require more frequent care. Regular check-ups allow for early recognition and prevention of dental problems, ensuring a better outcome for the horse and owner.