Riverina Equine Vet




REVS offers complete stud medicine veterinary services to all horse breeders, from those wanting to breed their first foal, to large established studs breeding multiple foals every year.

Our reproduction services include:


Broodmare management

REVS can assist in the preparation of broodmares prior to going to stud for natural cover or for artificial insemination (AI). A breeding soundness examination is performed to assess the mare’s suitability for breeding.  Evaluation of the mare’s external genitalia and an internal examination of the reproductive tract is performed. The mare’s reproductive tract (cervix, uterus and ovaries) is examined with an ultrasound. Any abnormalities can be identified and we are able to determine the stage of her cycle. This procedure is performed rectally and needs to done in a safe environment to protect both your mare and our staff. Various pathology tests may be required by the stallion owner prior to breeding which are often performed during these examinations. 

With regular reproductive scans during breeding, we are able to accurately assess follicular activity on the ovaries, detect ovulation, manage any post-breeding reproductive issues (e.g. infection, fluid), and ultimately diagnose early pregnancy from 14 days. 


Chilled AI

REVS is able to assist with chilled AI in mares. Chilled AI gives you access to a broad range of stallions across Australia (and New Zealand), allowing your mare to remain in her own environment and avoiding the need for travel. Conception rates are similar to that of live, natural cover. 

There are several steps involved in the process of chilled AI:

  1. Breeding soundness examination – The mare is assessed both externally and internally for suitability for breeding. 
  2. Co-ordination with stallion owner/collection centre/veterinarian/owner – Details regarding stallion contracts, semen ordering process, collection days, and shipping vary from stallion to stallion and must be organised in advance.
  3. A series of pre-breeding scans to assess for stage of cycle
  4. Ordering of semen – Once the mare is approaching ovulation, semen is ordered for collection and shipping. You will incur a separate collection and shipping charge from the collection centre. 
  5. Insemination – Chilled semen can be inseminated up to 48 hours prior to ovulation. 
  6. Post insemination scans and treatments – The mare is scanned in the days following insemination for confirmation of ovulation and assessment and management of any post-breeding issues (e.g. infection, fluid)
  7. Pregnancy scans – Performed at 14, 25 and 45 days post-ovulation.

Costs: Chilled AI services are charged out on an itemised basis. Costs can vary considerably depending on number of scans required, drugs used, and treatments required. For more information on costs of individual services please contact us on 0422154301. 

At this stage, REVS does not offer FROZEN AI due to logistical constraints. 


Problem breeders & infertility investigation

REVS is able to assist in diagnosis and management of “problem breeder” mares – mares which fail to go in foal, or have a history of pregnancy loss. 

All problem or barren mares should have a reproductive evaluation performed by a veterinarian. The goals of the examination are to 

  1. Determine if a reproductive abnormality is present; 
  2. Formulate a treatment plan, if needed, based on any reproductive    abnormalities detected; 
  3. Provide a prognosis for future fertility; and 
  4. Develop a breeding management program for the future tailored to the specific needs of the individual mare.